Liven Up Your Scarves This Fall

Instead of what I call the “hipster bib”, try a few things with your scarves to liven things up this Fall.  A few easy bits to keep in mind:

  • Try using silk.  Keffiyehs are old hat; try using your grandma’s ancient silk scarf collection.  These are not only softer, but come in a whole load of unique colors and patterns.
  • Use different tying techniques.  Instead of tying a knot around and creating the aforementioned bib, try rolling your scarves into thinner shapes and knotting around the neck, or utilizing different shaped scarves to achieve a varied look.
  • Switch up your colors and patterns.  This an easy one; take a trip to a vintage shop and pick up some new designs.  Even if you don’t switch up your tying method, things will still get a boost via rich colors and patterns.
  • Add a vintage pin.  Whether you’re wrapping a scarf around your neck and hiding the knot or tying at the front, adding a vintage pin will add glamour to the look.
  • Double up.  Grab a few scarves with complimenting patterns and/or colors and tie them around your neck together.  Depending on the heat (or lack thereof) you may want to use heavier fabrics versus silk.

“Marilee” scarf by Gucci shown


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Also more and more vintage articles on the french e-boutique
I found my Dior and Celine scarves there.
Prices are very good and the delivery was fast.
Have a nive vintage shopping !

Comment by bodie

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