5 Essentials You Need To Get Ready For The Rain

The rain brings more than just cold, it brings dampness and discomfort.  Of course all of these suggestions apply to both genders, but examples are given for the girls.  To do your best to battle out the percipitation and look good while doing it, here are five areas to keep in mind:

  1. A toasty rain jacket.  Make sure you have a raincoat that is fully lined, or you will become much chillier the instant you step into the outdoors.  Try to go for a decently constructed rain coat; the cheaper the coat the worse off your lining will be, and the less warmth it will retain.
  2. A smart rain boot. Avoid anything as beastly as these boots, and opt with something a bit more shaped and subtley colored.  Ditch anything that looks like the remnants to an acid trip.
  3. Glove up.  Cold hands can’t hold onto an umbrella, so ensure you’ve got your fingers covered in a warm shield.  Patent leathers (versus matte) will repel rain instantly as well as give you a style edge.
  4. Don’t forget your lid. A great amount of heat escapes through your head; keep your heat and keep it cool with a hat to top you off.  If a men’s style hat (as the trilby) does not work for you, try a knit cap for maxiumum warmth.
  5. Brolly up! This one is a no brainer.  To keep the most wet off yourself as you can, shield yourself with an umbrella.  Keep the pattern interesting; but be careful not to fall into the child’s trap of tacky design.

From left to right: Michael Kors rain coat ($156; Bluefly), All weather rain boot ($298; Searle), Patent leather gloves ($48; Armani Exchange), Felt trilby hat ($40; Topshop), Chanel graffiti brolly ($488; Bluefly)


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lovely post and i will pass along to my girl but you know what im gonna say…. Lots of doods get rained on too 😉


Comment by dm

Only the picture examples are gender defined (for the most part anyhow), but the list isn’t!

Comment by Victoria Potter

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