Christian Audigier Is Synonymous With “Loathesome”

This is the finest example of “what not to wear” I’ve come across in a while.  This sickening display of dime store quality “design” is infecting the catwalks and closets of North America, and it must be stopped. 

The one responsible for these monstrosities is Christian Audigier; purveyor of horrendous Ed Hardy style clothing that is hardly worth the cloth they cut to create it.  How this man can call himself a fashion designer when the bulk of his so-called design experience was gathered at Von Dutch completely escapes me.  I would classify this as a “bitch, please” moment.

Audigier is the style devil, steer clear of anything he has touched.


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Truer words have never been spoken.

Comment by PrettyBoy1

The only thing more subtle than this is the Las Vegas strip.

(Come back, Jil Sander, all is forgiven!)

Comment by emmy

Don’t forget about Affliction and about 90% of the stuffs coming out of LA at the moment.
(Jil Sander, one of my fav designer, grandmother of minimalism)

Comment by Hung

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