Men, Join The New Suit Movement!

Alright, men; it’s time to kick things up a notch. Some male friends were discussing how suits had been nearly eradicated in the workplace nowadays, what with the invention of “business casual”. The time has come to fight business casual with everything we have…who’s up for the challenge?

This is my official call to arms, legs and everything else you’ve got to bring back the traditional suit in everyday life!

The modern suit is flattering, dapper and above all respectable. Dash the mental image you have of the average man’s ill-fitting suiting disaster; there are so many affordable range options available nowadays, you can still purchase a full suit made from quality materials for under $400! You don’t have to look outrageous, either, you can be as unique or mainstream as you please and still have quite the selection of pieces to decide from.

A few online options to consider include Bluefly’s Tailoring service (designer suits up to 40% off) and Topman’s suiting and tailoring section. If you already know your measurements and how you fit into suit cuts, then these options may be up your alley. If you aren’t aware of your size, have yourself measured at a local suiting or tailoring shop before perusing online shops. This is usually a free service; though you may put yourself in the salesperson line of fire at the same time.

The two suit stylings below are the most popular; see if either of them tickle your fancy.



This is the golden goose of the suiting family. In order to look slightly more casual and 100% more modern, keep the cuts narrow and close to the body, and incorporate a snappy bright tie (pattern or block), with a matching color suit sock. Keep the cut snug, but not tight. You can also liven things up with a stripe or subtle plaid pattern; as long as things don’t get too garish.



Ok, for this one you can toss the waistcoat layer and the tie as well. Having it buttoned or not would really be dictated by the type of occasion one is at, though regardless of which you choose you will still look well put together. With a more casual pairing like this, you can go for a more casual shoe style versus the straight-laced brogue (try a perforated leather shoe like the “Radio” from Fluevog).

You can do the shorts look as well; as illustrated by Band of Outsiders below. Depending on your climate, this may be an attractive option, though I know quite a few men that are deathly afraid of the short-suit combo. If you dare, this can be cheeky, yet formal. I say do it.

Image from the Band of Outsiders Spring 2009 collection.


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