Peter Jensen, The Underappreciated Star Of Menswear

I’ll be honest, I was not familiar with the work of Peter Jansen until fairly recently.  I had to do a double-over on my usual haunts for men’s runway reviews, and found to my surprise than Peter Jansen was not included in the entire Fall 2008 runway review list! Regardless, I’m spreading the word now. 

Jensen’s latest Fall 2008 lines (“Copenhagen” at the top, and “London” at the bottom) illustrate a modern comfort, while maintaining a traditional clothing visual foundation.  He builds strongly on basic pieces such as button up oxfords and sweaters; adding his touch through the patterns and colors used, versus the shape of the piece.

Simplistic layering seems to be the key to Jensen’s design, and would be very appealing to the door-dash dresser (I’m sure the mental image is self explanatory); as it would require only the basics of a shirt, sweater, slacks and casual lace-up shoe to perform at full impact.  If one took the extra few moments to include a tie, beanie or scarf then your visual would be effortlessly tweaked to perfection!

Let’s all keep an eye on Peter Jensen’s designs, shall we?


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