Stella Mccartney Charges $900 For Fake Leather Boots

I love the look of the new slim over the knee boots, but who in their right mind would hand a retailer $900 entirely man made materials that fall apart far quicker than leathers?

I realize that Stella Mccartney has her own beliefs about using leathers and furs (which is all just dandy), but I would say that this boot is wildly overpriced, even if her name is attached to the label.

As many will undoubtedly point out, PVC (the ugly name for faux leather) is heinous for the environment, and extremely cheap to manufacture. The way I see it, Stella Mccartney is being passed off as the patron saint of animal justice in the fashion world while simultaneously screwing her customers with a cheap product.

Personally, I figure there is far worse out there to do than create PVC in mass amounts, but why do designers like Mccartney feel the need to stamp their name on a product and sell it for far more than its worth? Yes, designers do this regularly, though at least most of the other times it occurs the product is constructed with quality materials that do cost more (insert Mike & Chris lambskin leather here).

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