Want Of The Day: American Apparel Sexuali-Tee

A friend of mine bought one of these Sexuali-Tees, and it was the softest shirt not made of Pima or Egyptian cotton I’d ever thumbed. For $34, it’s a a noticeable price jump over similar designs like the summer tee; but the feel and shape set it far enough apart I would say the spend is justified.

The thinness of the fabric is a bit of a downer; if you purchase the shirt in white (and are female), beware the trap of the white bra under the white shirt. The other major complaint of mine would be the need to dry clean this shirt (even washing in cold water and hang drying will reportedly cause 2 inches of shrinkage).

Even so, the over-sized design drapes well over the body, giving yourself some depth and a shape beyond the usual t-shirt. Check it out.


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How’s the rayon feel to wear?

Comment by Jared

You should also mention that these shirts were released to cross promote the amazing album by Sebastien Tellier called “Sexuality” that AA somehow manged to be the sole distributer of. 7″s, 12″s and lp’s are avialable at stores!

Comment by tony

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