The Sin Of The VPL

Since men don’t [usually] wear their pants so tight that we can see the outline of their underwear, this rant is directed at the ladies.

If you look to the left, you will notice the unfortunate woman walking in white pants has a VPL, or visible panty line. This is sadly a crime many women commit without even knowing it, and it must come to an end.

Easy ways to avoid the VPL:

1) Wear pants that fit (meaning have a bit of looseness to the cut; they don’t necessarily fit if they tight)

2) Do not choose bottoms created with sheer or transparent clothing. Keep all lighting conditions in mind with this one…just because something appears to keep everything under wraps in a dimly lit room does not mean the sun will be so forgiving.

3) Wear underwear colors that camoflogue with your clothing. Let me remind you: white underwear under white clothing never conceals.

  • 4) Remember, granny panties may be the usual culprit, but they are not the only offenders. Just because you’re wearing a thong under that vacuum packed pair of pants does not mean you’re home free.

Don’t be a bad representation of the female gender…hide the VPL!


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I have seen the white under white crime too many times! I can hardly think of a time that it would be needed to wear white undergarments!

Comment by doozy

though it’s a crime, men get naughty when they see it…. their sexual feelings arise becoz of this

Comment by Jack

@Jack: No kidding.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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