Exclusive Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Product Testing & Review

I was selected by Matchstick marketing group to be one of 50 female bloggers across Canada to perform an exclusive testing package of Gwen Stefani’s new Harajuku Lovers fragrance (see below photo).

Here’s the deal: there are five scents in the set; one for each of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku entourage. They each have their own distinct scent, as well as come in special anime-style character containers.

My favorite of the five would have to be “G” (Gwen’s namesake scent); it had a vanilla essence, and was subtle, yet effective.  “Love” had more of a floral scent, with a twist of sweet candy.  As for “Lil’ Angel”, it was a tasty citrus-like scent; which reminded me a bit of tangerine.  “Music”  was the most ‘traditional’ scent in the collection; it was very classic, though needed to be applied sparingly as it was one of the strongest scents out of the five.  “Baby” lived up to its namesake, smelling of baby powder.  It was my least favorite of the group, though the range even seemed to work together while they were all still freshly sprayed up my arm!

I did enjoy the makeup case and drawstring bag that was included in the package (I coincidentally needed new travel cases), and the intense amount of sample vials that were supplied as well to give out to friends and fellow fragrance lovers.  Starting today, I am beginning to distribute them!

For additional information on getting samples of your own, check out the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Facebook group page.

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its cool to read about another person doing this matchstick campaign! I got a full sized bottle of “G”….I was wondering what it stood for and the G-for-Gwen abbreviation totally slipped my mind! i have to disagree with it smelling citrusy though…when i think of citrus, i think of lemon and lime whereas G smells more like sweet pineapple!

Comment by Vanessa

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