Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie Supports The Republican Party? Shitty, But True

Yes, this news is old; but it’s still worthy of mentioning.

I’m not going to type out a long explanation of why you should or should not shop there; but I realized after it kept getting brought up in various “did you know” conversations (and comments), I decided it should be discussed. 

Here are the basic facts surrounding the man in question:

  • Company president Richard Hayne is a conservative Republican.
  • The company that owns Urban Outfitters also controls brands Anthropologie and Free People.
  • Richard Hayne has previously been a financial supporter of US Senator Rick Santorum; a very confused politician who is against amnesty for illegal immigrants and equates homosexual sex to incest and bestiality.
  • UO clothing is created entirely in 3rd world factories.

This is a man who embraced an anti-business and anti-war stance in his humble beginnings, but was corrupted after time by the machine that is Corporate America.  Take from this what you will, decide if this if a shop you still want to financially support and stay informed.    

For a very detailed (and informative) interview with Richard Hayne, see the Philadelphia Weekly’s online story.


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You know that that Richard Hayne no longer runs Urban Outfitters right?

And the new CEO of Urban Outfitters contributes to all sorts of democrat friendly causes?

Also, some of Urban’s clothing is made in the Port Richmond Area of Philadelphia.

Your comments are REALLY old news.

Comment by xxx

He still profits from the company [and remains as chairman and president] according to the official company profile , so the facts are still valid; since he will undoubtably continue as a private donator to extremely conservative political figures.

I concede that I was not aware that some manufacturing was being brought back to the US, but that in no way makes this “old news”.

Comment by Victoria Potter

What percentage of the clothing sold at Urban Outfitters was made by individuals in safe working conditions and paid a living wage? A tenth of a percent of their total merchandise? One percent of their total merchandise? Ten percent of their total merchandise?

There’s nothing wrong with being wealthy – according to an article on
(, he is worth $1.8 billion dollars.

However, it is interesting that he has been a financial supporter of Senator Rick Santorum (, a very conservative member of the American Senate.

There’s nothing wrong with scrutinizing the businesses that we shop at, especially now in the economic situation we find ourselves in. I think it’s important to patronize businesses that reflect what we value. There’s incredible power and influence in the dollars that we spend!

Comment by emmy

Thanks for reposting this- I think it’s extremely relevant in the wake of nationwide protests of Proposition 8. How many gay people work/shop at these stores? This man is taking your money and taking away your rights!


Comment by O

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