Fashion Crimes: Sweater Boots

These may just be a bad Northern boot, but they’re being bitched about anyways.

For any of you left (specifically Vancouverites) that still think the forest hippie look is acceptable, you’re sorely mistaken.  These boots aren’t even practical for most of the weather types in North America! The sweater knit won’t repel water (or snow for that matter), and will render your legs completely soaked from the knee down if you venture outside.

If you know what’s good for you, don’t even consider these monstrosities.  The kids aren’t getting a pass on these ones either; you’ve got to start good dressing habits from day one!


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oh jesus. these are called slippers people, not boots. Figure it out. lol

Comment by Erin Reiger

dude, chill. whats it to you if people choose to wear cute, comfy boots?? and whats wrong with hippies anyway. we dont care about fashion as much as the people that are stuck-up, cold, shallow and boring. we just have fun in our comfy ass clothes, not tryin to complicate things with competitiveness. i really don’t think you have the power or “authority” to say what’s not “hot”. relaxxxxxxxxxx son.

Comment by shitt

That sounds awful. Enjoy.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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