Ever Heard Of Oxyho Leather Before Now? Me Neither, But I’m Glad I Have
October 6, 2008, 12:55 am
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Aside from having a truly awful name (and no brand website), Oxyho has some extremely soft leather jackets for a fairly reasonable price. I suppose it has to do with the sweatshop creation in Pakistan, but I’m not here to rain on all of our parades. This weekend, I found an Oxyho leather motorcycle jacket at Winners on Robson and Granville, and for the very acceptable price of $170.

Believe me, it’s difficult to find a quality leather jacket for under $300; I spent many hours of the last few days researching the selections out on the great wide Internet, and came up largely empty unless I had that minimum pricing target in scope.

This jacket is buttery soft (not quite comparable to the delightful lambskin Mike & Chris uses; but still very velvety and less than $1,000), a great fit and just the vintage look I was chasing. I’ve checked out eBay auctions for vintage motorcycle jackets, and $170 is the standard pricing for something used (not to mention 20 years old), and of a lesser quality.

Personally, I’m happy with my Pakistani clone.


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