A Glaring Design Flaw With Payless’ Alice + Olivia Collaboration (With Photos)

The soles of shoes get the most wear (obviously), and need to be well prepared for action. This is something that the Alice + Olivia shoes from Payless is clearly lacking. After two nights of wear of my Jane zip boots, the bottom of the shoes have almost completely eroded. After one night of wearing the Rivington ankle boots, the same has begun to occur, just at a lesser rate than the Janes.

I’m going to have to end up paying a cobbler to put a leather sole cover on the shoes; something that the design team in charge of giving these shoes the once-over should have figured out. The leather bottom of the shoe’s heel is keeping together quite well, so I don’t understand how a proper sole for the bulk of the shoe’s bottom was left out.

I am very disappointed in this amount of cost cutting. PVC is extremely cheap to manufacture, so these shoes probably cost next to nothing to create. The regular retail for each of these shoes is $48 each; so it’s not like they’re dirt cheap to buy. I’m left wondering wouldn’t Payless go the extra quarter mile to provide their consumers a product that will actually hold together for repeated wearing. Ahh, the familiar feeling of corporate disappointment.

I took some photos of the carnage tonight, check it out for yourself.

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pvc (polyvinyl chloride) isn’t just cheap to manufacture- it’s also dangerous, carcinogenic, and ecologically catastrophic. how unsettling :/

Comment by stephanie vacher

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