Sequins, Sequins, Sequins For Fall 2008

In keeping with Fall 2008’s resurfacing of metallics, we have a new touch of shine in the mix: heavy on-fabric sequin usage.  More and more we’re seeing all over coverage versus one particular part of a dress or jacket, and the results are usually wins…entire sequin coverage is very heavy to wear, though!

Some of my favorite sequin-flavored pieces are below.


The sequin effect is no longer reserved for figure skaters and beauty pageants.  The dresses below show you just how varied the look can be.

From left to right: Mod sequin dress (Charlotte Russe; $37), Sequin mesh shirt (Rampage; $54), Cross Roads shift dress (Chaiken; $189/sale), Strapless tulle dress (BCBG; $255/sale)



Tops have a bit more freedom to mingle with casual items like a nice pair of skinny denim or shorts, and be able to pull off the look on any occasion without looking too over the top.  You just have to be careful at the quality of the sequin work you have on your pieces to avoid looking like you’ve cheaped out.

From left to right: Stiped Liana tank (Miss Sixty; $95/sale), Racerback vest (Golde; $245), Oversized sequin t-shirt (Proenza Shouler; $825), Sterling silver tank (Naeem Kahn; $1,995)



Sequin jackets are tricky business indeed.  You run the high risk of looking like a circus ringmaster, but if you co-ordinate pieces just right, it may potentially be the winning piece you’re looking for.

From left to right: Sequin bolero (Topshop; $80), Sequin jacket (Gryphon; $595), Sequin jacket (Les Chiffonier; $760)



Leggings are the newest and hottest trend with sequin adorned items. Layer with them, and you’ll shine all night.

From left to right: All over sequin legging (Topshop; $80), Sequin leggings (Les Chiffoniers; $815), All over sequin legging (Alexander McQueen; $2,345)



If you want to throw down the sequin look without looking so trend-intense, try sequined accessories.  They display as much (or as little) sparkle as you wish.

From left to right: Sequin harlequin belt (Topshop; $40), Sequin butterfly brooch (Topshop; $10), Melody bow clutch (Felix Rey; $85),


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