Oh, Opening Ceremony: Please Replace Chloë Sevigny

I’m not sure who considers Chloë Sevigny to be the ultimate in underdog style mavens, but I certainly don’t understand it. The girl wears the most hideous clothing unbecoming of even a quirky girl with her charm…so that’s saying something.

There seemed to be a bit of a disconnect from the poorly designed collection (may I remind you of the florals and over-sized nondescript t-shirts that could be collected in any vintage store with half an hour) and the team who had the daunting task of pricing this mess of a collection. I’ll say the only thing I really took a fancy to were the tongue-less wedge boots; but that in no way redeems the whole lot in my mind.

Somehow Chloë has been allowed to create a men’s collection; and I shudder to imagine what she’s going to come up with next for the male crowd.  I hope it will fare better, but who can say for now, especially given her lacklustre history.  Opening Ceremony is a beautiful company (with a delectable LA store I had the pleasure of visiting a few weeks ago), and they deserve better.

The photo below will remind you why it’s best to have some of your own creativity and not rely on hers.


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