Clothing Lines By Barely-Celebrities Are Doomed To Failure, Yet We Get Another
September 30, 2008, 8:43 pm
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In the seemingly traditional nonsensical method of decision making style of LA’s Kitson boutique, they have decided to help peddle the newest overpriced (and quite beastly) designs of reality celebrity wannabe Whitney Port.  I have never watched The Hills, but I have seen the Wal-Mart catastrophe that was Lauren Conrad’s line; as well as the California prostitute collection that was done up by Heidi Montag.

I have no idea why high end boutiques such as Kitson continues to associate with these half-famous girls who can’t “design” worth the oxygen they expel daily!

Regardless, Whitney has paid some nameless intern to come up with an improved selection compared to Lauren and Heidi’s (at least she is using what appears to be higher cost materials and a sliver of design attention), but the Whitney Eve line still falls flat off its heels.

The dress to your right with the exceedingly professional looking contrast zipper retails for $345, while a fish-inspired all over sequin mini is priced to fly off the shelves at $495.

I wonder how long it will be before this line is dropped (bets, anyone?)


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