Fashion Crimes: Crocs
September 29, 2008, 3:36 pm
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I don’t understand how these hideous peices of garbage keep appearing on people’s poor feet.

Even if you could care less about the concept of fashion; I urge you to avoid these ugly pieces of faux orthopedia as if they were the black plague themselves.

The ever-loved comfort excuse is a farce.  Just because one may like to lounge around in nothing but a monogrammed robe and tube socks does not mean it is in any way acceptable or appropriate to wear it in your day to day adventuring, so how could these Crocs work any differently?

These horrors are not meant to be worn in public, and none of the supporters’ flimsy excuses for why they continue to pollute our eyes and create needless static electricity seem to have an validity.

Take off the Crocs, and stop turning a blind eye!


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I let my 3 year old wear them because they can easily get them on and off, and if they jump in some puddles, it doesn’t matter if they get wet, but NEVER for anyone over the age of 10, unless you’re actually on a small boat, which is what they were originally designed for I believe.

Comment by Imogen

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