We Must Resuscitate The Dying Art Of Airport Dressing

In decades past, if you were to fly on a plane you were to look your best.  Now, even celebrities who have constant documentation of their style are dressing in sandals and yoga pants.  What happened?!

We can’t blame this one on increased airport security.  Sure, you have to take off your shoes and throw everything you own into those little bins with the Zappos ads on them; but that lasts for 15 minutes tops.  Could it be the time it takes to fly? That’s bunk.  Years ago, planes didn’t go nearly as fast as they do now, and required more frequent fueling stops.

So why do we constantly see shuffling Croc-footed slobs trekking through our airports? I blame it on personal comfort.  Sure, that may seem extreme; but when you put your comfort ahead of yourself looking respectable, something is dreadfully wrong.  Now I’m not advocating wearing stilettos or anything that extreme, but I do wish that people would spend a few moments and ask themselves if they’re flying or gardening.

There are a few in the public eye who defy convention, though.  Francis Bean Cobain and Victoria Beckham are two fine examples of those who take care in their appearance even through something as aggravating as a flight.

I encourage everyone to kick it up a few notches the next time you travel.  Trust me, it’s worth it (plus you get more respect from employees since you don’t look homeless!)

Don’t make the same mistakes the recognizable faces already have…learn from their folly!


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