Fashion Crimes: Ugg Boots

Consider this a healthy reminder, since I’ve been seeing a lot of these horrific boots on strangers over the past weeks.

Some things to bear in mind:

  1. Uggs are never acceptable footwear.
  2. Uggs are (besides Crocs, of course) the ugliest thing you can put on your poor feet.  Come on…they deserve better.
  3. These shoes do their namesake proud; they are ugly!

Now I know advocates for the ugly will say that it’s a matter of taste (etc), though keep this in mind: even though I may not agree with a load of trends, but I can acknowledge when someone pulls off the look.  Despite all this, I have never seen these worn well; and I doubt that anyone can actually look good wearing them.

//End rant//


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I’m glad I am not the only one who hates these. I swear, every college girl that goes to school in a cold climate owns a pair.

Comment by Casey

so true. finally someone is making a statement!! UGG boots are so UGGly.

Comment by seokone

A good example of a mindless trend; whatever happened to individuality in dressing? I recall seeing one individual buying them in a travel group, followed by the others who willingly copied this person, thinking that it was a good idea.

I think UGG boots will persist as long as there are people (both buyers and sellers) who think this is an acceptable souvenir from Australia.

Comment by emmy

This should be a given by now.

Comment by Erin Reiger

you would think, but people keep buying them…

Comment by Victoria Potter

Agreed. But would choose Uggs over Crocs any day.

Comment by Linda

Good grief. The right answer should be neither!

Comment by Victoria Potter

They are really uggly… but people keep buying them… seriously, it’s the second ugliest footwear invented I’ve ever seen… the 1st one is the sort of running shoe with heels… then, the ugg boots, then… Croc thing…

Comment by Janet

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