The Best Shopping Spots In LA (With Photos!)

This is the list every visitor needs for shopping in LA.  This list includes vintage shopping hot spots, as well as choice boutiques every fashion lover’s every want.



West Hollywood (825 N La Brea Ave)

Jet Rag will demand a lot of your time.  Basically, this store is comprised of piles upon piles of sorted vintage clothing and accessories, over a split level store.  If you’re going into Jet Rag on an empty energy tank or at all hungry (like I was), then you’re going to be fighting a losing battle with the stock.

Jet Rag has a gold mine of clothing ripe for the picking, just make sure you have the mental capacity and time to go through it all before attempting.



West Hollywood, Mid-City West (7428 Melrose Ave)

Wasteland was one of my favourite vintage stops during my whole trip.  This shop had the most affordable vintage shoes and boots I came across, and their selection was of a higher quality than most.

Some of their new stock was a little on the pricey side (Jeffrey Campbell leather ankle boots for $110), but on the whole things were affordable.  They had a good handful of American Apparel pieces that looked new in their vintage section for amounts that were under the factory store prices (lamé leggings for $15, etc), as well as designer pieces in good shape for reasonable fees.

The staff was friendly, and as a bonus there was no wait for a change room.  What more could a shopper ask for?



West Hollywood, Mid-City West (7377 Melrose Ave)

American Vintage had a good load of military and navy surplus uniforms (ala APC’s 2008 sailor top), but I found their stock to be largely average..nothing really inspired me, even though it was all affordable. In the back of the shop there was a large selection of leathers and furs, which would be the store’s defining quality for me.

Perhaps the entire rack of skirts made of sewn together ties turned me off the whole place; who knows.



West Hollywood, Mid-City West (7474 Melrose Ave)

Slow was a multi-level vintage shop of many tastes.  They had an interesting collection of $30 calf length boots that kind of reminded me of Victorian styles with a 70s twist on the upper level.  Other than that, there were racks upon racks of workable vintage pieces.  There was a rack of [plain, brand less] skinny suspenders, but at $20 a pop it did not scream “worth it” to me.

The only real downer for this shop was this creepy blond woman that kept hovering around me.  I don’t think I screamed shoplifter (I was carrying bags of merchandise from other stores), and it was very weird.



West Hollywood, Mid-City West (7312 Melrose Ave)

Don’t come to Paper Doll looking for any sort of customer service whatsoever.  The clerk was a woman who could barely speak English; and when I asked how much a scarf was, she told me to check on the security tag myself.  The pieces are average, good for layering and affordable.

I found a pair of plaid slacks for $29, and a large (and soft) gingham scarf for $12.  While the experience overall was unfulfilling, I still found some good deals.



American Rag is comprised half of the cream of the vintage crop, and half new trendy designer stock.  Products range from vintage 50s hats at $30 to Mike & Chris lambskin leather jackets at upwards of $950.  This is a great shop for the variance of styles through the decades as well as brands.

Having an extensive supply of footwear, clothing and accessories (both new and used) for men and women alike makes for a convenient and enjoyable retail experience.

The new items were not cheap by any means (Mike & Chris leather jackets for $900, high leather boots for $500, denim for $150+, etc), though everything was of a high quality name brand label.  If you’re a budget shopper, I recommend you stick to the vintage, check out their sales.

Photo via MRketplace



I’ve saved the best (and most expensive) for last.  Opening Ceremony was undoubtedly the visual highlight of my retail experiences.  This shop was a maze of rooms filled with the choicest designs from Comme des Garçons, Band of Outsiders, Proenza Schouler (and the list goes on).  There was a varied collection of quality constructed men’s and women’s boots, shoes, formal and casual wear as well as jewelery; the store was essentially a younger and more attractive Neiman Marcus with more engaging interior design.

Not only is O.C. a mecca for all things beautifully crafted, but they also have a very sizable space dedicated to men’s designs.  Perhaps the icing on the cake is the shop keepers are genuinely friendly and lack the elitist attitude premium boutiques usually reek of.

I cannot express how highly I recommend this shop; but come with a full wallet (plaid pants from BOY by Band of Outsiders that I was fantasizing about were about $550).

Photo via Refinery29


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