Visiting The American Apparel Factory Store
September 24, 2008, 4:06 pm
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So, being as I was in LA, I visited the American Apparel factory store.

If you need a visual, picture a sizable American Apparel but with everything on sale.  Prices ranged from 1/3 of the regular amount to the lowest being about $6 for a t-shirt.  Considering with taxes Canadians pay about $30 per block color shirt, this was heavenly.

I found a multitude of items, the most coveted being a pair of coveted nylon zipper leggings (black); $36 (I refuse to call them pants!), a Mélange pocket skirt (mustard); $23, thigh high socks (grey); $12,  a lamé windbreaker (gold); $15, and slim slacks in gray.

Besides the better pricing, there were a handful of items that I had not yet seen hit the shelves of the other stores just yet.  I walked away from it $170 US lighter, but heavier in my block color basics (and who wouldn’t be thrilled about that?!)

Directions on Googlemaps are here for any of you who wish to visit.

For more information on Legalize LA, check this out.


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oooooh I am so jealous! I just cant bear to spend that much in the Canadian stores…$20 for colored nylons that I can get at Clair’s for $8…I donno…

Comment by rachelekehler

I have not word to say that such its a great price i will visit American Apparel comeing soon

Comment by American Apparel

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