Delectable Danish Design Shown Through “In Circus” By Rene Gurskov

It isn’t often that you see men’s clothing designed and styled to be truly worn straight out of the shop, but In Circus defies convention.

Pieces from the In Circus Fall 2008 collection (shown below) detail the proper and attainable sidewalk image for the svelte gentleman.  Designer Rene Gurskov’s pattern-on-pattern pieces manage to be independent of each other; yet still remain harmonious together.  I particularly enjoyed the interpretation of the multi fabric gingham scarf; which added volume with the look by way of the light fabric, and depth simultaneously from the use of two patterns.

There is also a sense of practicality in the design, without the look suffering.  If you examine any of the below photos, you can imagine a man walking down the street in any one of these outfits just as they are presented.

Even beyond practicality, we are shown a fresh shape for fall.  Instead of hard visual lines, there is a swirl of pattern and shape.  The models are wrapped and relaxed versus uncomfortable and unrealistic.

Gurskov’s pieces truly envoke an alive, design conscious vision of street wear; something that fellow Dane designed G-sus could have been.

A full list of stockists is located below the photos.

TSUM (Moscow)
59 Broadwick Street (London)
Rough Sleepers (London)
Behave (London)
Container (Paris)
Rieger (Salzburg)
Wok (Milan)
Penelope (Brescia)
Coffee n. Television (Bergamo)
Shop & Trade (Athens)
Spielbar Tragbar (Munich)
Styleserver (Berlin)
Bo10 (Cologne)
Helsinki 10 (Helsinki)
Wunder (Helsinki)
Freudian Kicks (Oslo)
Kunigunda (Stockholm)
Eikon (Aarhus)
Renomme Cloth (Aarhus)
Snygg (Odense & Kolding)
Donn Ya Doll (København)
Normann (København)

Famous Friends (New York)

ANMA Group (Jeddah)

Beams (Japan)
Loveless (Tokyo)
Jackpot (Tokyo)
Lantiki (Osaka)
Yellow Book (Kobe)
Stocks (Japan)
Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong)


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