Baggy Pants Law Overturned. Damn.
September 17, 2008, 7:03 pm
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Apparently a judge in Florida has deemed the law against sad souls traipsing around American cities in baggy pants is unconstitutional.  Don’t get me wrong, it is unconstitutional; but couldn’t we just classify this one under indecent exposure? From what the Wikipedia article supplies as its explanation it would fit right in.

I’m sure some sort of reality TV show could be formed on the basis of these kinds of necessary style interventions.  Fox could call it a “Raptastic Makeover”.  It’s a winning idea.

As for those dolts who are calling racism, that has nothing to do with it.  A sloppy idiot showing their underwear with their pants around their ankles is just that, no matter what their race, age or any other qualities.

Come on, people…have a little pride in your appearance!


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at least the undies are covering their asses.
whats so wrong about showing your underpants?

of course no one would ever complain about a woman showing too much of her tits/bra…or even going out in short-shorts or hot pants (which is a better comparison); somehow under-ass is acceptable but not under…wear?
uh, ok.

(yes, i know what your point is but generally speaking, while i may not like the way other people dress but thats their style…finally, i have lazy days too where i dont really care what the fuck i look like, as long as i get to work on time.)

Comment by j.

If you dont care what you look like, then why are you reading a fashion blog? Even if I was ill in bed… and i had to go out to get some OJ I would still wear my pants around my waist.

At least their not showing their asses? as if thats any worse. The only difference is one is offensive and unecissary and the other is called indecent exposure and your liable to end up in jail.

Comment by Erin Reiger

also, we do complain when women show too much skin… we call the sluts and whores.

Comment by Erin Reiger

Excellent blog! I came here looking for information on Opera Glove purchases in Greater Vancouver, and stayed for the excellent marriage of photo displays and commentary.

I agree that the baggy pant’s look appears slovenly, but I’d imagine that is partly the appeal of young people trying to look like they are not ‘trying’ to be acceptable. To me, baggy pants are the male equivalent of a of ridiculously short skirt worn by women, in that both are rebellious in appearance and constantly in need of adjustment depending on position. Although on top of that similarity, baggy pants retain some of the spirit of mainstream men’s fashion in that they also inherently lazy and unimaginative.

Comment by Claire

i appreciate the fact that everyone dresses differently; even if i dont LIKE what they are wearing.
plus, i am sure they DO have pride in what they are wearing.

im sure they call guys who wear skinny jeans ‘fags’.

i dont get how my previous statement insinuates that i dont care about fashion in general…

annnnnd i dont assume females who show skin are prostitutes and will have sex with anyone (way to stereotype!)

Comment by j.

id be offended if i werent a fag.

Comment by ken

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