I Have Begun To Weep For Topshop Unique
September 15, 2008, 3:50 pm
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Styling on Topshop Unique’s Spring/Summer 2009 runway show reigned it’s brutal 80s bubblegum branded terror upon all who looked upon it.  As I flipped through the photos of the show, my heart was heavy… the show was brutal.

Every essence of 80s styling that should have been held back was given to us with full force. Gaudy prints, hair sprayed ponytails, matching head gear to go with both prints and ponytails, dull denim and washed out colors ruled the runway.  Am I the only one who thought the second outfit was reminiscent of a dental assistant’s outfit?

I found there to be one gray mini-suit that was wearable as presented, but it was as dull as it was wearable. There was a very interesting arrow one piece swimsuit also featured, but it was not enough to keep the collection afloat.

I’m trying my best to imagine the bulk of these pieces mixed with more modern and wearable looks, but I am at a complete loss.  The design is so overpowering from the singular throwback influence that it reeks of a complete lack of creativity and vision.

Topshop, how could you have fallen this astray?


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