Kate Moss’ 9th Topshop Range Experiencing Interesting Sellouts
September 12, 2008, 9:00 pm
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Kate Moss’ 9th range for Topshop dropping only four short days ago, and I was curious as to how the pieces were selling. As I mentioned in my critique of the line; I saw a handful of crowd pleasers and a lot of potentially awkward patterns and material.

The crowd reaction was somewhat forseeable, but certain items entirely sold out that were a bit surprising. As of this afternoon on September 12th, 2008; the following pieces had flown right off the shelves:

The Angora coat ($240), the Mongolian Wool scarf ($90), Yeti coat ($300), and the Angora coat ($200).

It’s funny, the items being picked up with the most vigor are the items crafted with more expensive fabrics and the highest prices. Personally, I was expecting a few of the other pieces (namely the Baby Doll dress) before the more extreme (and hairier) pieces.

I hope this is a bit of a wake up for the leads on this project: sacrifice kitschy commoner designs for edgier and more luxurious products! It’s what the public wants, and it will keep the Kate range going for at least a few more seasons.


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