5 Easy Ways To Make Vancouver A More Stylish City

Sadly Vancouver has an internation rep for being brutally unstylish; and for not caring that we hold such a title.  I say it’s time to change, and it’s easier to do than cynics would assume.  I have complied a basic list of things that if we all bear in mind, maybe we can shed our West Coast Slob badge, and exchange it for Best Up And Coming.

No more yoga or active wear in public! Lululemon fans, this especially means you.  Nothing screams “lazy dresser” louder and more effectively than a fellow or lady clad in elastic running wear.  Vancouver is a true offender to yoga wear rule.  If any of you style mavens are faint of heart, I vehemently suggest avoiding Yaletown.

Put away that sports jersey. The city feels your team spirit, but we don’t all need to see it.  All you rabid Canuck and Lions (etc) fans out there, put that thing away unless you’re actually showing your support at the stadium.  Your favourite player’s uniform is exactly that, and if you’re not playing the sport you’re wearing the uniform for; you’re looking fairly silly.

Mix in your “dressing up” pieces while you’re dressed down. It’s easy to do without having to buy anything new.  Instead of wearing those jeans and a regular t-shirt, swap it for a button up shirt and a cardigan or a blazer.  The same trick can go for your footwear, swap a trainer for an oxford; or a casual fabric flat for something made from leather.  Guys, believe me: women notice this one.

Pull up your pants. Yes, this is broadcasted to both genders.  Nobody should ever be forced to see what kind of underwear any of us is wearing, so get a belt or a new pair of pants that actually fit.  A good indicator is if you can’t fit too index fingers into your pants, they’re too tight.  Alternatively, if you can find a fist into them; they’re for too large.

Toss out that conference/concert t-shirt. Now. OK, so we’ve all been to a conference or been to that epic concert that you never want to forget.  In both instances, you or someone you enjoy being around with have probably collected a t-shirt.  Shirts like these are the bane of the style universe.  Besides being ruthlessly branded with sponsors or gaudy album art, they are usually worn mercilessly until the fabric is tearing and the image.  Retire these poor shirts, and move on to plain ones!

If we all work to curb our little bad habits (like the ones shown below) then we can all work towards making Vancouver a little more fashion savvy and a bit more respected on that front.


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I am completely with you on all of these points!

I went to the movies last night downtown and saw people wearing PAJAMA pants to the movies. People need some serious fashion help here for their every day wardrobes.

Comment by doozy

I would also add to your list the following style suggestions: no more fleece, sweatpants, hooded sweatshirts or keffiyah scarves.

Comment by emmy

@emmy agreed!

Comment by Victoria Potter

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