Givenchy’s Gaudy Is To Kill For

So, here it is: Givenchy’s multi strand chain charm necklace, seen on the likes of some pop star named Madonna and on the Fall 2008 runways.  This heavy duty chain work of gold will set you back a cool $2,000…if you can get your clawing hands at it at all.

Sadly, pieces like this cannot be imitated easily (unless they are silver; one should not attempt faux gold) or cheaply.  Budget jewelry done in layers like this will almost always give itself away, unless you find a master metal smith for the masses.

We’re going to file this away in my “Oh God, If Only” category inside my pining brain.  Shall we mourn together?


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I love love love this look.
I have found some necklaces from various places over the years that imitate this look FAIRLY well… One I got is from H&M and it had multi strings. You’re right though… its so hard to imitate accuratly without real gold. We can dream.

Comment by Erin Reiger

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