Slacks That Fully Avoid Awkward Office Dressing

The office where I am shackled five days a week has decided to perform a coup de grâce on all denim. I am now set to type to the drum of the dreaded “business casual”, which puts me in a bit of a financial tailspin as I am set to leave for L.A. in just over a week.

Regardless, I felt the need to show you the best office selections I’ve found that I plan on purchasing either in parts or entirely.

The first fairly financially kind trousers I would suggest are by Joe Fresh. Yep, that Superstore clothing brand. Like it or not, they’re cut well and fairly affordable. The gray slacks run at $49, and the black ones at $39 (both below). What the difference is between them to warrant the $10 price difference is a mystery to me without examining them up close.

The cropped slim pant is also a solid bet (my sister bought those to add to her high school uniform), though unless you plan on wearing socks or are of a short stature you’re going to have chilly ankles when the weather turns.


For all you office style rabble rousers out there, you can always go with a super slim sateen slack (by BDG, $49). I would suggest grabbing one size up to be safe, as nobody wants to be that person who gets nabbed by the water cooler and scolded for showing just how slim your legs actually are.

There is also the cord skinny pant (also by BDG, $49). The same advice goes for the size up scheme; but the good news is that both of these styles are going to be versatile enough that you can wear them in or out of the office.


For more of a streamlined chic, French Connection has a few very affordable pairs of slacks. More affordable (once on sale) than the Joe line in fact!

Both slacks below are currently on sale. The left is the LA Confidential skinny trouser;$19.99, and the right is the LA Confidential trouser; $49. Both of these have a more relaxed, professional look but don’t make one overly stuffy looking. The choice is yours!


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Wait, are you saying you recommend all this Joe stuff without ever touching it? In my limited experience, Joe Fresh uses fabrics so cheap that they burn to the touch.

Do yourself a favour and buy exactly 5 pairs of pants in tropical-weight wool.

Comment by Jared

I own Joe clothing (including pants from previous lines) so I figure I’m qualified enough to make the suggestion. Yes, the fabrics are cheap, but so is most of the other pieces you pay twice as much for.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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