Our Review Of Kate Moss’ Fall 2008 Range With Topshop
September 9, 2008, 4:07 pm
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So, Kate Moss’ newest line with Topshop has released today.  This collection also marks her 9th collaboration with the high street retailer, and the first line that will be readily available to American customers (as the US site launched today as well).

Designs were not as dismal as the High Street Summer line, I’m happy to say! While the designs were still constrained, the pieces were true to Kate’s style and will be effective sellers for Fall.  My favorites are below (explained from left to right).

The wet look jean can be a smart layering piece as an alternative to their sold-out leather leggings. For £45, they’re also quite a bit less as well and can be worn around the office without risking 80s cat calls.

Striped trousers can be a wonderful addition to what would potentially be an Olsen style black-on-black layering bonanza.  For a trouser not created from denim £50 is a bit pricey; but the cut looks well and I could imagine myself wearing them at least (even with the pricing!)

I’ve never been a big fan of the light fall dress, but the geometric pattern on this sheer printed tea dress could be appropriate with some heavier tights or leggings and boots.  £60 makes this a bit of a farce (as Superstore released similar tops in their Summer collection for $30 CA); but spend the money if you’ve got it, honey.

The baby doll dress is one of the nicest and likely sought-after pieces in this entire collection. For the day to night wear ability and the wet look at the bust, I am predicting this to be a magazine and customer favorite. £65 makes this an affordable party dress, but a less than ideal purchase for those who will put most of their wear in during the day.

I am officially the last person to endorse an animal print piece, but these skinny trousers have a print that is just subtle enough to blend with the rest of your pieces without looking garish. The peek-a-boo slits at the base of the trouser also give the pant a little something extra that sets them apart from the “for the bottoms” crowd, though at £45 they aren’t a great value by any means.

My first major criticism to this line was its lack of seasonal observance.  There was no color trending whatsoever, other than the over saturation of black pieces (which don’t take a particular talent to design).  Where are the hottest jewel tones? I saw far too many Summer shades appearing in this line.

OK…am I the only one noticing that a handful of these pieces look like pajama wear?! The flying hearts vest and dress (at a whopping £22 and £50 respectively) and apple cardigan (at £45) look as though they should be donned by a sleeping pre-schooler; never mind a respectable adult in public.

Another gripe would be that a handful of the hairier looking pieces are unmarketable to the masses.  It was once said that one could get away with a woolly mammoth-type waistcoat or jacket on the runway, but it would look laughable worn by even a couture model on a city sidewalk.

For instance, the feather gilet50) and coat (£120) are both badly priced and badly designed for what is are street wear designs. The Yeti coat (£100) is more visually usable, but at the US equivalent of about $200, you don’t even get 100% wool (it’s more like 75% wool, 25% acrylic).

More importantly, though:

What do you think of the designs? Will you buy any of it?

Should Kate pass on the torch?


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so- not to impressed…kinda boring

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