How To Do Contrasting Clothing Justice

It’s always the mark of the more daring sidewalk fashionista to pair contrasting patterns and colors together; but it’s also the easiest way to muck your outfit up.

There’s the Big Three that you really need to pay attention to, but other than that you’re fairly safe.

Pick the season’s colors and work within them. It’s Fall, remember.  There is nothing that screams out of place than pastel layering on a Fall silhouette.  Avoid looking inappropriate in neons as well, as washed out colors won’t hold you visually in colder months when gray skies dominate.  Richer colors will ground instead of drain you.

Be sure your colors contrast yet remain complimentary. You don’t want your colors at war with each other; you want them to work together to harmonize your look.  If you’re not sure which colors compliment each other, refer to a color wheel.  Basically, the color on the opposite end of the wheel is the ideal color match.

Patterns should be bold, but not garish together. As much as you may think three layers of stripes can’t be done, it can.  The trick is to compliment the lines on each piece by pairing a more thin striped shirt with a richly colored tie featuring a thicker stripe, and so on.  This kind of pairing with similar complimentary patters usually turns out well; just be sure to give yourself a mirror once-over before you leave the safety of your home.

If you can get a pattern on a tie, sweater or shirt that has a essences of the dominating color to bring the visual together that’s a bonus.


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Great tips!

So many men have problems matching ties with their shirts.

Comment by Star Anise

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