A Few Alternatives To The Sold-Out Topshop Leather Legging

They may not be leather, but PVC seems to be the closet replacement material we’re getting when it comes to clones of Topshop’s fly-off-the-shelves leggings by Topshop Unique.

As I’ve seen so far, we’ve got two choices in the under $50 US mark: Express’ PVC  leggings (shown to the left; $49.50), or American Apparel’s leggings in Lamé Black ($42).  Both are still pale in comparison to the real thing, but at least without the $300 price tag.

I still figure even with the name label the leather versions are still more akin to skintight pants, rather than leggings.  I say this because leather is thick enough to be worn as a pant (even if skin tight) without committing the greatest legging faux pas out there: wearing the thin spandex legging as a pant on its own.

I’ve tried on the AA version, and they do give their own unique look and a killer silhouette when worn with boxy sweaters and the like…but I’m still [attempting] to hold out for the real thing.


Urban Outfitters is now selling versions of their own; Members Only Rubber leggings ($88), Silence & Noise coated leggings ($38).


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Victoria’s Secret has a pair of leather leggings for about $200.

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