5 Must Have For Men This Fall/Winter Season

A toque (or beanie to my fellow Americans). Yes, the cold is coming; but you can fight it off while looking like you may have just escaped from the Burberry Prorsum runways! OK, perhaps I exaggerated, but we can’t have you boys decked out in your dapper fedora or pork pie hat all the damn time. Some days, you must get your shabby chic on and wear that toque! Shown toque from Topman, £6

A patterned scarf. In a world of block color jackets, fight the norm with a patterned scarf! Shake things up, wear two contrasting patterns at once! Shown scarf from Urban Outfitters, $15

Colored/pattered socks. These should be easier to find than they actually are, but they completely make the outfit once you have them on. Plus in most cases they’re fairly cheap (unless you’re willing to pay a baller amount of $50 per pair of Prada socks). Shown socks from Topman, £3.00

Stomp-worthy boots. Every urban warrior (even if you’re only battling your way to and from the office and the grocer) needs a pair of good ‘ol get-me-dirty sidewalk stompers. These can be dressed up or down (of course depending on the current state of ruggedness) and are a comfortable footwear choice when trudging through the streets. Shown boots from Aldo, $295

Funky ties. Some may call a creative tie (or bow-tie if you prefer) to be one of the last true frontier of creativity left for the working office drone. With ties, you’re pretty much left to your own devices and creativity. Another bonus with ties are that they can be an inexpensive way to perk up a tired suit or even alone with a collared shirt. Shown tie from Topman, £10.00


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Just one suggestion from a regular reader: is it possible to mix in some merchandise from some of the local stores? I do love Topman, but unless they open a downtown store in Vancouver, I doubt I could ever pick something up there.

Comment by emmy

For sure. These are more guidelines to what you can look out for. It’s a little difficult to provide images of local products without going to the shop and trying to get photos, etc. but I shall try and list out more local suggestions as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

Comment by Victoria Potter

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