Beth Ditto: A Fine Example Of Dressing Inappropriately For Your Body Type
September 1, 2008, 7:43 pm
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Ah, Beth Ditto. She’s the big girl from the snappy rock band The Gossip, and it’s a rare occurrence indeed when you see this girl in anything remotely conservative.

As a self appointed pioneer for fat people (hey, she said it first), Beth seems to believe that the best manner to convince the world that bigger is better is jumping around towns and stages dressed in naught but patterned spandex and metallic lamé. I’m not sure why she continues, because I’ve seen photos of an appropriately dressed Beth, and she looks great!

Besides the fact that nobody should ever be wearing that much spandex (in public or onstage), the fact of the matter is that sometimes a little modesty is key. No girl should look like a metallic sausage in ballet flats.

When in doubt that you may be showing the world too much, you probably are.


How to avoid looking like a Ditto:

Drop anything thin, skin tight and stretchy. The only exception I would say are tights but not leggings (since they tend to visually chop the leg off and make you look shorter; plus they’re a tired look anyhow). There is a big difference between fitted and too tight, as we see below. Though her t-shirt and pencil skirt are fitted; it’s not obscene.

Mind the metallics. Shiny fabrics may lure the eye, but they are also highly unforgiving. Especially when skin tight, they highlight every curve whether you want attention called to them or not.

Bodysuits weren’t made to be seen. Not Cat Woman? Sorry, the catsuit is out.

Undergarments are exactly that! Waltzing around in your skivvies isn’t advisable no matter what your weight is. Having a bit of class won’t damage anyone!

A t-shirt (no matter what size) just isn’t a dress. Now Henry Holland’s runway shows are one thing, but when you’re skipping down the street in naught but your socks and a shirt, you sure forgot a step before running out the door!


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I agree–I’m glad she’s confident in the way she looks- but its just not flattering…I Love her voice though!

Comment by rachelekehler

She dresses EXACTLY how SHE wants to..
“appropriate” and limitations are exactly what she is against.

She doesn’t attempt to hide her weight.. she embraces it.. and if more women had her attitude this world would be a lot more FUN!

She’s super talented, a voice that won’t let you go..
and prolly more SEXINESS
than most, including the person who wrote this prudish article..

I’d go for her in a Heartbeat!!
dyke in T.O

Comment by Carolyn

I still say this kind of expression is what the world needs to see less of.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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