Joe Fresh Does Not Give Men Nearly Enough Love

Joe Fresh, the label for Every Man and Every Woman, is giving men the style shaft.

Not only are the men’s sections 1/5th the size of the woman’s (if you’re lucky), but the line lacks design-wise as well.  From the “hot looks” section for men, the styling is leaning towards a dressy-sporty look, while only one of the styles show layering without a jacket.

Not only that, but the boys get five looks.  Women get fourteen.  I’m crying injustice, here.

The ladies’ line shows a wide range of button up oxford shirts, sweaters, blazers, jackets, slacks, jeans, shorts and shoes.  From the five mens’ images (and what I’ve seen in-store) they have a choice of a few pairs of jeans, slacks, jackets and sweaters. Not only that, but the looks are truly generic and pattern bland.

Come on, Superstore… stop neglecting a large clothing market!


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Totally agree with your commentary on the men’s Joe Fresh line at Superstore.

The line could easily branch out beyond the obvious and bland polo shirts and jeans offerings. If they could match the sophistication and range of the women’s line with some more polished pieces and some patterned options for men, they could have something exceptional.

And one more thing: please keep the clothing section properly merchandised and clean, and offer a greater range of smaller sizes, especially in the Vancouver market.

Comment by emmy

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