Comme des Garçons For H&M Line Preview Photos

So, a few preview photos have been leaked to the internets and I have to say; I am quite impressed with what I see.  Thankfully, there is no animal print (ala their Cavalli line from last Fall), but plenty of polka dots, large buttons and bows.

Check things out for yourself below!

Scans of pieces in production:


Model photos with sample clothing:

Compared to previous collabs with designers and H&M, the woman’s outfits have been styled quite well.  I have some hesitations over the super low drop crotch pants; but overall the entire previewed collection could stand alone well enough on a piece-by-piece wearing.

I love the asymmetrical zippers and the polka dot shirts; those will be easily integrated into H&M shoppers’ wardrobes.  The black and white shirt (with the large neck tie and bow) is one of the highlight pieces for me.

I’m quite curious as to how H&M plans to price out this line.

Comme des Garçons For H&M Line Preview Photos

The men’s line was so much duller than I anticipated (though admittedly I am judging from the preview shots alone).  Once again, the men appear to have gotten the proverbial shaft! The thing is, when the collaboration was announced I distinctly remember there being press verbiage speaking to the end of this type of fashion treatment.

We’ll see how the entire collection fares.  On a side note, though…I hope this is the last we see of this scruffy North American-type behemoth model!


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But if you look at the Comme des Garcons men’s lines, Junya Watanabe is always much more conservative with them than the women’s.

Comment by Skittles Ferrari

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