Be Careful What Colored Denim You Show For Fall

Colored denim isn’t going away, but we do need to be sensible about it.  As you begin to put away the neons and replace them with richer tones for the coming Fall season, you would be well advised to do the same with your jeans.

I’ve faced it: as much as I adore my teal denim, it’s just not an appropriate Fall color.

Colors to keep: mustard, amethyst, ruby.

Colors to cast away till next Spring: green (any shade as far as I’m concerned; especially since darker green denim never looks well), neons, overly bright shades.  Basically anything that will clash with Fall’s jewel tones.


There is always an alternative to denim, of course.  Corduroy and cotton slacks are also appearing in multi colored arrays in many local shops, though don’t expect much price relief.  American Apparel is currently hocking their cords for $74; only $1 less than their denim selections.

For a cheaper option still are colored tights (though this one affects the ladies only).  I would suggest grabbing an array of colors instead of throwing down nearly $100 for one pair of pants; this way you get more of a visual range for your dollar.

Regardless, kudos for keeping colors in your palette…it’s all too easy to do the a-typical Fall cop out of black-on-black over and over, but you’re going to keep it interesting!


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I agree that you should wear colored jeans in moderation, and stick to rich colors.

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