Topshop Unique Fall 2008 Runway Clothes Now Available

I know more than a few people who have been waiting ever so impatiently for the release of the Topshop Unique line.  Well, not for the whole line perhaps; but for the leather leggings.

Finally, we have a price: a very formidable £150.00 (approximately $300 for North American buyers).

I warrant more than a handful of would-be buyers will be diving headfirst into the latest fad diet to look ferocious in these leggings (which are truly more like pants, honestly)!

These bottom hiders looked more than amazing on the runway; even paired with a dull boxy tweed top as they were.

Can you imagine the stir one could create on the street? For style, comfort and warmth they’re a definite Fall 2008 must-have.


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I saw almost the exact same leggings about a month ago in Ardene when I was searching for a necklace.
They were on the clearance rack for about $5.
Had I known Topshop was a little slow on the uptake and a little overpriced for almost the exact same look, I would’ve snagged a pair.
Now I’m going back to Metrotown to see if they’re still available…

Comment by Tahmara

OK now I understand the skepticism here; but the quality difference between the two brands is astronomical!

Bear in mind that Ardene uses very cheaply manufactured, low quality fabrics. While Topshop is not using lambskin leather; there is still no comparison. Besides that, the wear difference between quality leather and vegi leather is far too large of a margin to be ignored.

There are certain things we can get away with spending less on; but this kind of item is not one of them.

Best of luck with your search, though.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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