Death To Gladiator Sandals

This is one summer trend that I will not be mourning the passing of.

I find gladiator sandals to be not only incredibly tacky, but a great waste of money since this seems to be nothing more than a fly by night trend.

Even when the über rich spend loads on this kind of footwear, the look still seems to fall flat…I can’t even begin to express how silly cheap gladiator sandals look on the average sidewalk fashionista.

Without a doubt the tall versions look sillier than the short; but unless you’re traipsing through fields of a Roman era; it still looks silly.

Since the summer is almost over, thankfully so is the reign of these horrific sandals. If you’re still wavering on grabbing a pair on sale to shelve for next summer, I would urge you not to bother.


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I dissagree fully on all of the above except the high versions. I think those are way too much. But I feel like if you like a strappy sandal, or even your a fan of buckles in any form a simple gladiator sandal gives the typical “sandal/flats” look an edge. Considering you are a fan of such designers as Commes De Garcon and rag and bone it seems, this post suprises me.

Comment by Erin Reiger

Well, I wouldn’t really consider these to be very gladiator-esque sandals, if that makes any difference to my argument.

Comment by Victoria Potter

This really is an AWFUL trend. I wrote about it too <a href=”” title=”here”

Comment by star anise

oops… sorry about that bad html…

Comment by star anise

oh! Those were the type of sandals i was defending. I would call them Gladiators. Then maybe in the end, we agree? lol

Comment by Erin Reiger

oh no! I love my gladiators! I do feel however that they are done SO wrong So many times…you just have to be very strategic about the ankle strap and what type of dress you are wearing them with…

Comment by rachelekehler

good point. If you want to go for them then I think its best to know what ya going to wear with them.

Comment by manswe

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