Thrifting: Nine West Buckle Ankle Boots

As someone who is nearly 6 ft tall without assistance, I have always been afraid of the heel, but this changed last week when I found a pair of nearly new Nine West ankle boots of a 5 inch height.

I’d never experienced what it’s like to be nearly 7 feet tall, but let me tell you one thing…people get out of your way like you’re a volatile amazon.

The fashion world can officially consider me a heel convert.


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Where do you go thrifting? I haven’t been lucky with the whole vintage shopping thing, but I did find a Burberry trench for $89. Alas, it was a men’s trench and about 10 sizes to big for me…

Comment by Dee

I hop from various Value Villages usually. I find the farther away I am from Vancouver, the better the finds (that, and you have to spend hours going through everything in the store of course!)

Comment by Victoria Potter

Whoa, that is an impressive image! I’ve always wanted to be formidable and never managed it, so you go do it for me!

Comment by Queen of Fifty Cents

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