Unleash Your Inner Tartan In Fall 2008

The print of the Scots and favoured look of lumberjacks has resurfaced once again, and in a vast selection of colors and piece variations…let’s discuss why this Fall you’ll be mad for plaid.

It’s not all about the skirt. When tartan was previously allotted to only the pleated stereotypical school girl skirt, you can find various brands using the pattern in a range of piece variations.  The three pieces below are all found at Topshop.  You can work as little (with the waistcoat or the skirt) or as much (concerning the trench) tartan as you feel comfortable with in your daily routine.

Trench, £80.00; Bow Waistcoat, £35; Asymmetric Skirt, £35


You can be as subtle as you want to be; there’s no obligation to be outrageous! As D&G and  House of Holland’s Fall 2008 runway show outlined, there are veriying degrees to which one can wear tartan.  One can reduce or increase the public “bam” factor dramatically by reducing the amount of the pattern you wear, in what color and what style you chose to put on.


Your tartan dosen’t have to stand alone. As we see on the Just Cavalli runway, multi-tartan layering can be pulled off, and it’s not off limits to clash patterns (though I would highly recommend you avoiding animal print and tartan at all costs!) This basically gives you free lisence to be creative and let your freak flag fly…but don’t get too freaky.


Very little tartan has a mass positive visual effect. As you can see from these skinny suspenders by Urban Outfitters, you can add the smallest amount to a well coordinated outfit and still make a splash.

Skinny Suspenders by Urban Outfitters, $24



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