5 Cardigans You Need For Fall
August 6, 2008, 12:49 am
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Yes, cardigans. These button-down sweaters are no longer exclusively granny wear or for granny-esque hipsters. Cardigans can be a key layering asset for your Fall wardrobe if you understand how to work them in properly.

Really, choosing pieces in a variety of visually popping colors (to prevent the centurion look), deciding how you want them to drape on your body and what you put under and over them are the three key things to observe when dressing.

I’ve found five splendid cardies that would almost certainly be an asset for for wardrobe.

Consider this Cardigan 101.

BDG High Low Hem Cardigan, $54

Where to find it: Urban Outfitters

Why you need it: A pale tangerine will make any otherwise dark fall ensemble grab everyone’s eyes. Whether this cardie is under a blazer or over a layering shirt; it’s a sure win for the color alone.

How to wear it: Try pairing a bright piece like this with a cropped jacket to show off the sleeves. If you’re not into looking like a perpetual student, avoid the standard oxford button up top (especially in white) and trade for something with ruffles or a v-neck; depending on the weather. It’s a tricky look to pull off, but this cardigan worn with complimenting jewel tone tights (I would suggest a purple) would look magnificent!


Button-Top Cashmere Cardigan, $190

Where to find it: Banana Republic

Why you need it: For a more subtle splash of color, this cardie is just the one to take home. I mean, really…who can argue with dark royal blue cashmere? Besides the material, the button effect on the sleeves gives the piece more stand alone wear ability than the average cardie.

How to wear it: Taking into consideration the detail on the sleeve, I would save this piece for warmer weather and pair it with a colored blouse as the model is shown above. If it is colder, put on a coat with width in the arms so you don’t have a bubble where the buttons are located. The color would go well with nearly anything denim, so try it with a pair of wide leg jeans or shorts if the weather allows.


Knitted Pointelle Cardigan, £30.00

Where to find it: Topshop (UK)

Why you need it: A lacy white snippet of fabric can break up an otherwise rough and tumble outfit of harsh lines and dark shades. Not only that, but the sleeve length and plunging v-neck will allow wear ability all year long.

How to wear it: If you’re in the game of avoiding chills, layer a short or three sleeve (and well fitting) button up top with a large bow-tie in the front. This would be a perfectly modest yet still stylish option for office wear.


Striped Roby Cardigan, $42 (sale)

Where to find it: Tommy Hilfiger

Why you need it: Everyone needs a slouchy boy cardigan in their clothing arsenal. Stripes are a classic look that will go with most anything and also carry you through the seasons without looking terrible aged. That, and the crest is simply a nice touch!

How to wear it: Try this one with a pair of seersucker shorts, colored tights or socks, a light solid sweater underneath and a long scarf. Throw some ankle boots into the mix, and you’ve got a win.


Knitted Ribbed Cardi, £32.00

Where to find it: Topshop (UK)

Why you need it: Since your splash of color won’t always be your cardigan, one must have the almost-granny gray piece in your collection. It will blend in, but pieces like this aren’t meant to be the grand visual event anyhow.

How to wear it: Button this up over a more vibrant shirt and pea coat and a pleated gray skirt. Throw in some complimentary colored over the knee socks for a full fall look.


BDG Double Stripe Cardigan, $48

Where to find it: Urban Outfitters

Why you need it: This shade of green is hard to find in a well fitting sweater, never mind a cardi. This particular piece has a sporty feel from the double stripe, yet isn’t overpoweringly so.

How to wear it: Pair this with a pair of black raw denim skinnies and brown ankle boots. Layer with a jewel tone shirt under the cardigan and finish with a brown belt.


Remember, you don’t need to pay attention to sizing of cardigans as much as you would think. Over sized cardies are just as fashionable when paired well with the rest of your ensemble. All you must think about is how you want things to look and plan accordingly.


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Im a pretty big fan of the whole outfit “Button-Top Cashmere Cardigan” gorgeous orange blouse.

Comment by Erin Reiger

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