Must-Have Essentials For Fall 2008
  • Fur

All moralistic arguments aside, fur is the ultimate fall wardrobe accouterment. Fur gives us back to times or raw survival; before side-walk stomping through your own urban jungle became sport. Get raw with your look this season, and get fur on your back.

For all you with a heavy pelt conscious (or those wise a wise head who are looking for a deal), you can still get very nice vintage fur at far more of a decent price whilst avoiding the killing of a more recent vermin.

The easiest way to work in a little fur is a pelt around the neck, while other bolder choices can range from collars to full-on coats in various colors.

(Left, Peter Som; Center, Alexander McQueen; right, Marithe & Francois Girbaud)


  • Cheeky tights

Tights are one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to amp up the potential doldrums of a fall closet full of neutrals and muted tones. Rather than neons from summer, make a transition into fall subtlety with jewel tones that play nice with grays.

The all-over jewel tone may be a little too intense once we enter fall completely, but it would be appropriate to mark the shift into the pre-fall season. Do yourself a favor and ensure your legs are in shape to be highlighted; since eyes will be drawn to them.

Tights like these are easily and cheaply procured from your local American Apparel. The mustard ones are on my to-purchase list for this weekend!

(Left, Proenza Shouler; Center, Moschino; right, Luisa Beccaria)


  • Gloves

If you haven’t already amassed a healthy glove collection, you’d best begin now. Besides protecting the hands, gloves give your look a strong boost. Even with a summery dress shown below from the Thakoon runway is given an easy fall edge with cropped leather gloves and dark tights.

Lanvin also shows a more intense look to work with when the colder weather brings a colder look.

(Left, Lanvin; right, Thakoon)


  • Borrow from the 19th century

I’m in my glory. Collars, double breasted jackets, back combed perms and leather boots ruled the runway for a certain two designers. This is a tad reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana’s 2006 love affair with cherubs in militia, but with a bit of a softer turn.

2008 sees less brass, with the exception of the necessary buttons; with fabric taking part where metal used to rule the day.

To work this into your wardrobe on a budget, visit your local vintage shoppe for some full skirts and fitted jackets with large buttons. Layering a shirt with a tied ascot collar and puff sleeves will achieve the effect with minimal cost to you.

You can also chose to re-work buttons yourself on a jacket that would otherwise be perfect. If you are in or close to Vancouver, Button Button in Gastown is a perfect stop off for the button fiend.

(First two models, Alexander McQueen; last three, Moschino)


  • Being boyish

The runways are still seeing androgynous love walk their way. Tie your looks together with silk ties and scarves. Strong leather belts and shoes are another easy way to showcase this masculine look, though remember to keep cuts and styling streamlined to avoid looking over layered and too frumpy.

Classic male fabrics such as tweed and plaid are also making a noticeable splash on designer’s palettes. Luckily, all these pieces are probably already in your custody.

As this is a very layer-heavy look, be careful when choosing complimentary patterns and fabrics…there’s no such thing as dumpy chic!

(From left to right: Best Western, middle two models; Dolce & Gabbana, left; Ruffian)


  • And the accessories…

These three caught my eye.

The mini trunk on a chain offers a rustic alternative to futuristic shaped handbags and the over-done gigantic leather bag. While the box look is not as practical as one may wish it was, it is unique enough to be a featured piece in an otherwise dull outfit to carry you through the streets of your city.

I fancy the mustard captain hat since it not only offers a splash of [usually] much needed color to your accessories arsenal, but also is a unique alternative to the two main choices designers gave us for fall: back comb insanity or poker straight. Besides that, everyone could use at least a few nutty hats in their collection.

Moschino’s purple button suspenders made it for a number of reasons. I liked the fact that the designers chose to use the traditional button method versus the cheaper looking ‘clamp on’ version, and the patch embroidery gave the often-dull suspenders a bit of life.

Let’s not forgot the actual color! Even without the accompanying violet pant, these suspenders have the potential to give a splash of life to whatever pant you are pairing them with.

(Left, Stella McCartney’s treasure purse; Center, Marc Jacobs’ mustard hat; right, Moschino’s purple button suspenders)


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Nice call on the gloves. DVF has some pretty awesome elbow length slouchy black gloves at Holt Renfrew. Worth a look for sure.

Comment by Erin Reiger

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