My First Foray Into Raw Denim With Naked & Famous

Thanks to Dutil’s recent sale, I now have entered the world of raw denim.

I chose a pair by Naked & Famous, Canada’s premium raw denim manufacturer.

I was a little wary at the feel of these pants at first. For those unfamiliar, raw denim is unprocessed and therefore pretty stiff when you throw them on for the first while. It kind of feels like a gentler sandpaper (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but this is not as soft on the leg as one is used to!)

I decided to take the plunge with Naked & Famous’ Black Power Stretch design. Immediately I could recognize how thick the denim was. It also had a bit of a sheen to the fabric; not enough to make things garish but enough to produce a very attractive subtle effect in all lighting.I also quite enjoy the lack of fade, which allows me to where this denim at [nearly] any place and time.

I’ve had them for less than a week, but already I can feel the denim shaping and loosening ever so slightly to create less of that sandpaper-like feel.

Since Naked & Famous is manufactured in Canada, you can feel good about supporting your country’s economy. Hurrah (as if you needed another excuse to buy).


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