Why It’s Insane To Pay More Than $200 For Premium Denim

While the aforementioned title certainly does not apply to the “vomiting diamonds” wealthy; I still say they pay attention.

Today, I read an article on regarding the trend of premium denim charges skyrocketing, even with the North American market squeeze. It was also mentioned that certain designers are selling pairs for upwards of $1,000 (if not pricier!).

I love expanding my style (and wardrobe); I really do, but what I cannot imagine is expanding my credit card debt level to such an extreme amount only to stay “with it” in the fashion scene for 6 months at my current salary level.

Why a $200 price ceiling? Bear in mind this is a maximum, not a minimum. $200 is being fair to the fact that this is premium denim from a premium label. To some extent you will always pay for the name of the manufacturer, but you are also paying for better construction and materials used.

Believe me, I have tried cheaping out on denim in the past. That story ended up with ripped stitches and heavy traffic areas worn thin after not owning the pants for more than a few months!

This is why it’s insane to spend more than $200 on premium denim:

  • Stores like Winners have usually comparable stock to premium department stores or boutiques, but at a fraction of the price. One example (of many experiences) was I found a gray pair of Earnest Sewn skinny jeans for $60 at the local Robson/Granville Winners location. The retail price was $300 at Holt Renfrew.
  • Even premium department stores have sales. Holt Renfrew (or Neiman Marcus for our Yankee comrades) both have regular sales. Last weekend, I took a walk through the Vancouver HR while they were having their annual 30-50% off sale; and there were racks upon racks of not only premium denim but every other dream label item one could imagine.
  • Take advantage of outlets. If you’re close to the US border like I am, take a day trip with some friends and drive down to the nearest outlet. Commuting together will lighten the gas price load, and it’ll be great fun as well. Outlets generally save 20+% off retail, though they vary in selection from location to location. Depending on your timing, you could hit an outlet sale as well, which is a double win!
  • Small boutiques often have sample sales. These sales have a better selection if you’re the range of a 26-28, but you never know what you may find. Prices are usually at blow-out levels which will save you a bundle!

As a side note, I would generally avoid Craigslist, eBay and all other local equivalents when it comes to purchasing that which could be counterfeited. Nothing is worse than paying $80 for a pair of Diesel jeans when they’re fake, and you could have found them locally from a reputable retailer for the same price.

As always, remember that it pays to be creative, thrifty and patient when garment shopping. Just because one “it” store has what you want, does not mean you can’t get it for half the price somewhere else.

Always be a smart shopper!

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