Leggings To Be Out Of Fashion By 2009, If Not Earlier

When I first heard rumblings of the death of leggings, I thought I was a little dismayed. Rather quickly, I realized I had not worn leggings since the summer of 2007; and that I had already so seamlessly made the transition back to tights that I had not even taken notice.

For all of us who invested in this trend, never fear. There’s always a way to work a bit ‘o legging into your wardrobe without looking lost in 2005. Things to keep in brain when dressing:

  • Wear boots to cover skin from a cropped legging.
  • Wear sheer leggings that look like tights.
  • Avoid jean skirts, which (thanks to Abercrombie & Fitch and Lindsay Lohan) became synonymous with the legging look.
  • Wear longer leg layers (though closer to the end of Fall, of course!)

Thankfully, not all 80s trend monsters are being caged as of yet. I still fancy American Apparel’s lamé (now re-branded as “shiny”; which is truly lame) leggings for layering and such, but of course they are taking a backseat to other pieces that will be the center of attention.

As this trend phases itself out, we thankfully will be getting rid of the ugly side of leggings; though those images of horror from street side anti-style encounters will likely be branded into your hapless brain for a good many years to come.

Either way, rejoice. Tights are hot, just as multi-colored as leggings, and can be worn with much better effect in combination with open toed shoes while not giving your leg the incredible-shrinking-woman effect.

Huzzah!Leggings To Be Out Of Style By 2009, If Not Earlier

(Photo found randomly on the internets)


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Cant wait to get rid of AT LEAST the 3/4 legging…SO unflattering…
I am excited to wear my new colored tights though!!

Comment by Rachele

If I were a tall and leggy, I would totally rock 3/4 leggings with mid calf boots. All is not lost people! Get creative…

Comment by Andrea

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