How To Pull Off A Pillbox Hat

I found a funeral pillbox hat at Value Village recently (and for a measly 3 dollars may I add), and I can’t get enough of it.

I’ve been mixing mine in with a more contemporary look (such as a t-shirt and a leather jacket) for an updated look on the classic, versus stringing together a dull rendition of something Jackie O has already done to death and back again.

Personally, I prefer wearing the hat on the back of my head versus angled on the top, which is more of a laissez faire look.

Avoid mixing classic vintage cuts that may overpower the outfit and take away from the visual impact of the hat, and put together a look that will blast people with your abilities to mix and match pieces throughout the decades!

As for the photo, this is the best I have for now…my friend Ben took it at The Cheaper Show after party. I, of course, have heinous red-eye.

How To Pull Off A Pillbox Hat


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I do like that lady’s skirt. But your take is cuter. Too bad the photo is so small.

Comment by Sabrina

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