How To Wear A Motorcycle Jacket

Well, it’s finally hit me: I need to own a motorcycle jacket.

I will admit, there was a slight worry of a possibility that I may look like a bit of a butch, but I have found a few jackets online that will satisfy your edgier leather jacket needs.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this done incorrectly far more times than not, so we’ll go over a few tips and tricks for improving your off duty chic look.


  • Wear your jacket unzipped. Nothing screams ‘bad 80s fashion salvage’ than an uncomfortably cropped waistline.
  • Mix up your look. If you don’t want to scream tasteless trend whore, don’t just throw on a motorcycle jacket, skinny jeans and a scarf every bloody time. Try revving up your look by using the jacket as a topper to a funky dress, or baggier bottoms. If your top is fitted, you can [generally] get away with wearing something looser on the bottom half without risking house comparisons.
  • Layer. Don’t be a bore, add a cardigan or multiple shirts that peek from below the crop of your jacket.
  • Mix in color. Color (as seen below) is an easy way to lighten the look of the outfit and compliment the dark jacket. You obviously don’t have to go hipster-overboard all the time with the sunglasses and message word tee, but every now and again it can be a fun preference.
  • Invest in a quality vintage piece. Expect to pay anything from $120 and up for a quality piece of vintage leather, though like Wayfarers, this jacket will doubtfully go out of style for at least the next few decades.

How To Wear A Motorcycle Jacket


  • Wear a cropped motorcycle jacket zipped. You cut off your waistline at an unflattering point, and will make yourself look heavier.
  • Go overboard on the accessories. The jacket is a strong statement, don’t decrease its visual impact by adding sunglasses and a hat (etc).
  • Wear grossly misshapen shirts. As you can see below, her men’s plaid shirt just looks incredibly poorly thought out. Aside from being shapeless, it’s a lazy look that one must avoid.
  • Wear gigantic and/or un-tailored motorcycle jackets. You can avoid having to tailor your jacket if it’s super-tiny and cropped straight off the bat as the photo examples show, but having a huge jacket is going to make you look like some man eating she-devil from the 80s.

These of course are the major points to keep in brain, but of course always try to remember the cardinal rule of flattering your own body type.

How To Wear A Motorcycle Jacket


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wow, thanks! I have a jacket almost exactly like the top one (where’s the top one from, do you know?) and you have enlightened me as to my mistakes of often zipping them up. Doesn’t fit the look – unless one is actually on a motorbike, in which case I doubt one would be wearing a cropped one. hehe.

Comment by fashaholic

@fashaholic: both are vintage, so I’m not sure as to who actually made them. I have yet to find a perfect jacket like that myself (yet!) so I’m a wee bit jealous of your find! =)

Comment by Victoria Potter

Is that Demi Lovato in those pictures? It sure looks like her.

Comment by Renee

@Renee: Nope, random eBayer.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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