Sex And The City, Supplying Bad Fashion To A Theater Near You
June 4, 2008, 5:29 pm
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Ok, so a few of my friends are ultra hyped about this movie. Even as a lover of fashion and the idea of such a luxurious existence, I cannot and never have understood the appeal of this series.

Carrie’s ensembles are usually OK, but not amazing. I find most of her outfits, especially this one which is apparently from a scene in the movie. I like the style, but that is so age inappropriate and not at all flattering for a woman in her forties.

So the concept is that these woman are supposed to be mature, 40-something ladies, yet the Carrie character is seen in promo shots dressed in a cobalt blue dress with high boots and black fishnet stockings. I was not aware women of this age (nevermind supposed New York city dwellers) were bringing back hooker chic full-tilt.

I find that as the more conservatively styled character, Kristin Davis looks consistently the least offensive, though she admittedly takes nearly no fashion risk, so I am on neutral ground regarding her character. When it comes down to it, I suppose I understand the need for the characters to push the visual limit, though none of these creations seem to be a positive outcome of such efforts.

I’ll use an image below as a prime example of my distaste for the clothing in this movie. S.J.P. has brought back the original Carrie bouffant, complete with a candy striper blouse over a matching white waistcoat and trouser. This outfit looks like half was thieved from a traveling ringmaster; and the pink does her 40-something character no favors. Instead of making her look stylish, powerful and well put together, it screams that she’s trying too hard to look a decade younger.

As the oldest actress on set, you would think her stylists would give Kim Cattrall a bit more visual leeway as to not make the age difference stand out. Instead, they put her in a red blob that no woman of any age should wear. All those pleats age her incredibly, especially the cut of the outfit that shows so many folds and not enough of a proper fit, doing her body no favours.

Before anyone disagrees vehemently, I realize that not all their styling is like this, but this is one example of many I could have used. I dearly hope fans who have grown with this series over the past decade have style know-how enough to avoid these bodily blunders.

Sex And The City, Supplying Bad Fashion To A Theater Near You


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