How Nu Rave Of You
May 16, 2008, 7:13 pm
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North America is beginning to get a taste of the Nu Rave kick that the House of Holland began just over a year ago.

While most won’t be running around in not but a too-large H.O.H. t-shirt and green kicks, you can use essences of the Nu Rave look in your daily wardrobe without looking too runway wannabe.

For those unfamiliar with the visual concept of Nu Rave, I direct your eyes to the triple visual below from the House of Holland “One Trick Pony” runway show.

How Nu Rave Of You

As long as you’ve got loads of brights, block colors, letters sprawled over your body and some truly unique hair, you’ll find yourself rolling with this trend.

I’m not such a fan of the shoes myself, though I’m s

ure if they weren’t £95.00 I’d give ’em a try. I’ve pretty much made up my mind to order the “I’ll Show You Whose Boss Kate Moss” shirt, though it is a scary £50 itself.

As with every trend, the point is to show the highlights of the look, without overkill. When done over the top, Nu Rave brings back some fairly horrifying ecstasy-induce

d flashbacks…avoid at all costs!

For those avoiding $100 t-shirts, you can DIY your own for sure. I wouldn’t recommend direct rip-offs (it’s terribly impolite), but creative interpretations would be a splendid idea.

Coupled with some bright tights or colored denim pants, you’re off to the races! Just try not to have too many contrasting colors that don’t work together, or you’ll end up looking like you got the wrong end of Rainbow Bright purging.

How Nu Rave Of You


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Since when are these HOH tees or Nu Rave in general cutting edge fashion? It’s not 2006 anymore sweetie.

Comment by Alice

The last HOH shots are actually from the ’08 season, only the first was given as an example of their ’06 collection.

Also, nobody mentioned that this was a brand new concept; only that this was only just recently catching on in N.America.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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