Perez Hilton Launches Terrifying Brand Of Fashion Mockery

If this is a clever jab at the average mall-loving American, consider me impressed.

This business venture will undoubtably be snatched up by countless members of his gossip flock, and net him a nice nest egg with little effort.

No matter how earnest he appears when launching this terror upon the already terrifying Hot Topic, I will always regard this as a bit of a farce. From what I can tell, this line reminds of of 90s rave meets Avril Lavigne’s brank of faux punk rock (both fashion memories I pray to God I’ll forget every day).

I doubt (or rather, hope) he’s not aiming to be taken seriously, especially since he called out the also abysmal Heidi Montag whore creations and Lauren Conrad’s sweatshop snoozer collections in the initial press releases. You never know with Perez though, he is as fickle as the wind.

One thing I find off is the fact that as his blog takes off and the Perez empire expands, he himself is seen in more age-appropriate and though out outfits, though his designs for Hot Topic still reflect his blue-haired bubblegum past.

At this point, I would have respected this move a bit more if he would have come out with a Perez brand of frozen meat pies.

The world does not need another celebretard brand of anti-fashion convoluting the minds of those already confused about the concept of their own look.

Perez Hilton Launches Terrifying Brand Of Fashion Mockery


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